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Bearcat Elite Hockey Club employs a comprehensive evaluation process to select athletes, starting with tryouts nationwide, and/or open online applications with video review, providing athletes with the opportunity to compete at events nationwide each spring. Our aim is to place athletes at the appropriate playing level, fostering a competitive atmosphere that maximizes player development.

Our program features birth year pure ‘AAA’ teams, and mixed birth years based on USAH 2025/2026 rules and regulations for our ‘A/AA’ teams. Our teams typically roster 9 forwards, 6 defensemen, and 2 goalies. This model promotes age-appropriate ice time, with a specific focus on injury prevention and recovery. This model also ensures our athletes will have the proper stamina and endurance to compete for the duration of events, including championship-level performance in tournament finals.

Our player registration fee ($1495) includes: three events, uniforms, coaches’ fees and more. You will also have the ability to upgrade your current player gear at check out, if you want to utilize our CCM partnership!

We are excited to welcome you to the Bearcat family, please find the player interest form below, along with a list of our co-ed tryout dates and locations, and a staff member will be in touch quickly!

Player Interest Form

Don't see a local tryout, can't make listed tryout, or are a 2006-2009 birth year, please fill out this player interest form.

Big Boy Arena | Fraser, MI | December 20th

8u: 5:00pm 10u: 6:00pm 12u: 7:00pm 14u: 8:00pm

Thunder Ice Arena | Angola, IN | December 21st

8u: 1:00pm 10u: 2:00pm 12u: 3:00pm 14u: 4:00pm

Centene Ice Arena | St. Louis, MO | December 22nd

8u: 2:00pm 10u: 3:00pm 12u: 4:00pm 14u: 5:00pm

Ford Ice Antioch | Nashville, TN | December 23rd

8u: 12:00pm 10u: 1:00pm 12u: 2:00pm 14u: 3:00pm

The Campus | Philadelphia, PA | December 23rd

8u: 11:00am 10u: 12:00pm 12u: 1:00pm 14u: 2:00pm

Pineville Ice House | Charlotte, NC | December 27th

8u: 8:00am 10u: 9:00am 12u: 10:00am 14u: 11:00am

Peaks Ice Arena | Salt Lake City, UT | December 27th

8u: 8:00am 10u: 9:15am 12u: 10:30am 14u: 11:45am

Iceland Family Ice Center | Virginia Beach, VA | December 28th

8u: 9:00am 10u: 10:00am 12u: 11:00am 14u: 12:00pm

Promenade Ice Centre | Denver, CO | December 23rd

8u: 12:00am 10u: 1:15pm 12u: 2:30pm 14u: 3:45pm

Haymarket Iceplex | Washington DC | December 29th

8u: 11:00am 10u: 12:00pm 12u: 1:00pm 14u: 2:00pm

Clearwater Ice Arena | Tampa, FL | January 1st

8u: 12:00pm 10u: 2:00pm 12u: 4:00pm 14u: 6:00pm